Yureka replacement not delivered?

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Yureka replacement not delivered?. Do You mister or misses own this kind of uncertainty?, If do then please get the best tips right after below:\r\n

I raised a yureka replacement in dec 15 but till today the delivery not done


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It is delivered for the status but if the other party blocked you then it is possible that she is not receiving your text. The delivery that shows on your phone is correct but the thing is the phone status on the other party and what is set up there. Sadly all the text messages are blocked if you are blocked on her phone and you cannot retrieve them anymore.


No,it is dilivered before the person opens it.mybe they are still in send mode not dilivered cuz the person hasent opened in cell yet.and yes they should be dilivered when the person opens their cell.and it changes from sent to dilivered,when the cell u sent the messages recieves it not the owner of the cell.


It happened to me also.. its probably coz of frequent theme changing.. just backup your important stuff and reset the handset.. it will work definitely.. use softwares like mybackup to backup online.. or simoly hook it to your system.


I don`t think there is a way to trace it not unless an anti-theft app has already been installed in that phone by the manufacturer.


Put your mobile!e inside a bowl cover your mobile with uncooked white rice for about a day or so it`ll soak up all the moisture hope it works for you as it did for me.


Sent shows that you did request message to be sent to recipient, delivered is when recipient actually received message.


If it hasn`t expired yet, you should be allowed to, yes. If it already has expired, then no, you can`t.


I have been using Yureka since two months and am facing the same issue.