Z998 in flight mode always?

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Z998 in flight mode always?. Are You guys has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz found the good answer right after this line:

Try to make call and next screen is flight mode on turn it off check everywhere says off make call same thing activated or not.


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Hi there,

have you restarted your phone after turning off the flight mode?

if not yet i would suggest you do a restart on your phone, the after you turn it on again and no message still arrives, try to text your own number and see if it works, if the message arrives then maybe there is really no message for 3 weeks,. but if you can`t receive after texting yourself then i think you should call your service provider on this issue.

goodluck :)


Its simple , Go to the settings then go to the Wireless and network settings then Unclick from Infront of Airplane mode.
then go back , you will get sim signals in few second . better restart phone .

A Shaikh

Its simple , Go to settings then go to the Wireless and network settings then Un click the box in front of Airplane mode. you will get back sim signlals in few seconds.

A Shaikh

On the Samsung S3 phone shut down the phone and remove the battery, re insert battery and check whether you are now able to switch off the flight mode under the settings apps. Good luck?


Hello, after you turn off the airplane mode make sure to restart the phone so, you can get service again. I happen to encounter with this problem once.


Take the battery out. Leave it for 30 seconds and then replace the battery. And try to turn it on again. Should be fine now.


Go to the settings then go to the wireless and network settings then switch on the flight mode.