Zaarly iPhone App Leave BETA Version

By On Friday, March 23rd, 2018 Categories : iphone


Zaarly iPhone app is now available for a wider community. This is as well providing a platform in searching people to do things you want in exchange for money. This app is aiming for some tasks that you might don’t have time to do, or even just don’t want to. Of course, this app is creating its own local marketplace that can be accessed from web or mobile.

For example, you are coming home late from work, so you need someone to pick up your dry cleaning for tomorrow. You can simply use the Zaarly iPhone app by stating on how much you will pay for it, and then farm it to the community. You can use both cash and credit card for your transaction security. You can even do some of your transaction anonymously.

If you use the app, you will see the listing for the job on your area, which will surely interesting. Each of the listing is coming with a price, distance from your location, and the deadline to finish it. This app is someway similar with Gigwalk program, onl with a much broader scope. One thing I don’t understand is that you have to provide your phone number to sign up. The app is just launched yesterday, so the listing is a little bit sparse.

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