ZoozBeat Lite vs. AOL ShoutCast Radio — Which Music App Would You Prefer for your iPhone Device?

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There are indeed a lot of contemporary music applications designed for the iPhone and iPod devices. In some ways, they have similarities, likewise distinctions. Two of the most prominent music apps for the iPhone and iPod are the ZoozBeat Lite and AOL ShoutCast Radio apps.

What is ZoozBeat Lite?

This is a kind of music program for those iPhone and iPod users who opt to have their own songs heard and played on their handy gadgets and allocate them with their colleagues. Three major music options are endowed to each potential user, which would encompass pop, rock and techno beats.

Utilizing the ZoozBeat Lite app for the iPhone would just require users to shake the iPhone or tap on the screen, after choosing the favored music beat. After tapping on the screen or shaking the gadget, users can then create various instrument types ranging from bass, drums and guitars. Vocals are also available by means of the microphone utility embedded on the iPhone system. Once done with the music creation, users can then save their very own masterpiece into the application itself, or have it shared with other friends on Facebook, else with ZoozBeat.com. All these are patented by ZoozMobile.


Yet, the ZoozBeat Lite iPhone radio app also seizes some downsides including the delay in toggling between instruments, as well as sluggish loading of the app itself.

What is ShoutCast Radio?

ShoutCast Radio is yet another radio application for the iPhone device. It is patented by AOL. The program is designed to allow users to gain access to numerous real radio stations over the Internet. Contrary to the ZoozBeat Lite, ShoutCast Radio does not offer functionalities as such with creating own playlist according to the user’s preference. The latter is a program that would let you hear real DJ’s talking in distinct languages, aside from English, and handles the introduction and playing of music according to their preferences. These are made promising and accessible by AOL Inc.


As for the off-putting factors, some stations in the AOL’s ShoutCast Radio App for iPhone are occasionally busy and some bizarre music classifications, as well.

Given with these foremost details, which music application, would you prefer for your iPhone contrivance? Would that be ZoozBeat Lite or ShoutCast Radio app? Well, that would surely depend on your own music predilection.

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